LIMITED EDITION. The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards — with cold stamping and a hinged wooden box.

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This deck is now sold out - thank you for your interest.

After many requests, we have decided to offer this limited edition version of our new Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards.

Only 550 decks have been printed - all numbered and signed.

Ideal for those who prefer to work with larger cards, these cards are the same size as our standard tarot cards (approx 12.8 cm * 7.8 cm or 5 * 3 inches).

As is always the case with our limited edition decks, these will not be reprinted in the future.

The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards
is our own unique design based on a system that we became very familiar with during our time in Prague. This system is often known as "gypsy" cards but we prefer not to use this term. We like the description "Bohemian" instead, and as the cards are from Central Europe, in and around historical Bohemia, this works well.

This is a distinct type of fortune telling deck which has similarities with Lenormand, Sybilla and Kipper cards but also has its own characteristics.

Please note that the "grid" and copyright notice will not be on the final cards, this is just to protect the imagery online as sadly there is so much counterfeiting around these days. 

The 36 cards included in our Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards are:

Hope, Fortune, Fidelity, Sorrow, Desire, Sweetheart, Lover, Jealousy, Thief, Child, Letter, Enemy, Constancy, Soldier, Death, Judge, Money, House, Lady, Merriment,  Misfortune, Falsehood, Thoughts, Journey, Illness, Unexpected Joy, Gift, Lord, Marriage, Inconstancy, Temptation, Love, Gossip, Visit, Loss, Happiness. 

There are two alternative "Falsehood" cards and also an extra (female) "Soldier" card in all limited decks.


  • 36 fully-illustrated cards based on the "Austrian fortune telling cards" pattern. There is also an extra "Falsehood" card and an extra "Soldier" card showing a female soldier and her white horse, as well as a title card - so 39 cards in all.
  • These cards are 12.8 cm * 7.8 cm (about 5 * 3 inches).
  • Painstakingly cold-stamped. We use subtle cold-stamping throughout the whole image - this makes the card "flash" with metallic colours when the light hits it. The cold-stamping on the limited edition deck is designed differently to the smaller deck and we hope is even more spectacular.
  • The limited edition cards have a different back to the traditional smaller size cards.
  • The cards are printed in the European Union as we don't produce graphics in any countries that have a record of poor legislation on counterfeiting. This helps to protect the deck from being illegally copied, which we know is important to the tarot and divination community.
  • Printed on high-quality German-made 330 gram specialist playing-card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing. The company that makes our cardstock has an excellent sustainability policy
  • Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling - the finish is fairly matte.
  • Wooden hinged box for long-term storage. This is made from sustainable pine. The wooden boxes will vary in colour and grain as they are made from a natural material. There is a photo here to show some of the variation (we can’t promise exactly how your box will look). We examine every single box before they go out. There may be tiny dings or marks in the wood – this is part of the process of making the boxes and is normal.
  • Supplied with a drawstring bag made in a good-quality 100% cotton (later, we will also have a small range of more lavish bags as an optional extra).
  • Little white booklet with meanings and guide for use.


We also have optional items listed separately:

    We are expecting to begin shipping pre-orders in April 2023.

    Everything is still slower than normal and can also be a bit unpredictable, so even though we print and make the decks in Europe, we are allowing for several months wait. We appreciate your patience.

    Please note that if your shipping address changes before your parcel is shipped, you need to email us to let us know as soon as possible so we can make the necessary changes. Amending your address on your customer acount will NOT change it on any pre-order already placed.

    Depending on how many orders there are, it can take us several weeks to pack and send them all (even though we plan to have three people working on this).

    We pack very carefully, using as much sustainable and recycled / recyclable packaging as we can.

    Pre-orders are sent in the sequence in which they are placed, so if you place your order early, your parcel should also go out among the earliest.

    We are happy to add other items to your pre-order and combine shipping, but do please give us plenty of warning about this, as we tend to be very busy during shipping!

    Thank you again.