THIS PRE-ORDER IS NOT YET OPEN. The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards — with cold stamping and wooden box

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THIS PRE-ORDER IS NOT YET OPEN - please don't add this to your cart yet. Pre-orders will open around late September 2022. If you would like to be notified when pre-orders open, please subscribe to our customer newsletter via the pop-up window.

The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards
are based on a system that we became very familiar with during our time in Prague. This system is often known as "gypsy" cards but we prefer not to use this term which can be seen as pejorative. We like the description "Bohemian" instead, and as the cards are from Central Europe, in and around historical Bohemia, this works well.

The cards are pictorial and unlike tarot, there are no Majors and Minors - though some cards are more archetypal than others (this was the case historically with these cards and we discuss the whys and wherefores of that in the book).


All orders placed during the early bird period of pre-orders will get an extra "soldier" card showing a female soldier and her white horse. This is our gift to you for ordering early as this helps us a lot in deciding the size of the print run.

Please note that the "grid" and copyright notice will not be on the final cards, this is just to protect the imagery online as sadly there is so much counterfeiting around these days. 

Please also note that the final cards will be cold-stamped. We won't be able to show this on each card until they are printed (there is no way to simulate this very striking effect).

We have added a video of two sample prints that we did last year with our print company and these will give an idea of how the final cards will look.


This is a pre-order. As production is very slow and a bit unpredictable these days, please note that this is likely to begin shipping in March 2023. 

Pre-orders are really helpful in giving us a good idea of how many decks to print.  We much appreciate this.


The full price of the decks will be $68, or 68 Euros. However with the pre-order discount this will be reduced to a really excellent price of $57, or 57 Euros! There will also be a unique extra card added for early bird pre-orders.


  • 36 fully illustrated cards based on the "Austrian fortune-telling cards" pattern. There  is also an extra "Falsehood" card in every deck, as well as a title card - so 38 cards in all (and one more extra when you order early - see above!)
  • Nice, usable size of 6.2 cm by 10.4 cm (2.44 inches by 4.09 inches approx).
  • Painstakingly cold-stamped. We use subtle cold-stamping throughout the whole image - this makes the card "flash" with metallic colours when the light hits it. 
  • The cards are printed in the European Union as we don't produce graphics in any countries that have a record of poor legislation on counterfeiting. This helps to protect the deck from being illegally copied, which we know is important to the tarot and divination community.
  • Printed on high-quality German-made 330 gram specialist playing-card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing. The company that makes our cardstock has an excellent sustainability policy
  • Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling - the finish is fairly matte.
  • Wooden slide-top box for long-term storage. This is made from Paulownia wood, which is the only sustainable hardwood.
  • Supplied with a drawstring made in a good quality organic cotton (we also hope to  have a small range of more lavish bags as an optional extra).
  • Booklet with meanings and guide for use.


We will also have optional items listed separately:

  • An extensive and highly-illustrated full guide book with coloured card illustrations! This comprehensive book can be used with both The Bohemian Fortune Telling Cards and Mercury's Fortune Telling Cards. There will be a pre-order discount available for the book.
  • We hope that there will be special bags sold as an optional extra. We will provide more details on these once they are finalised.