Shipping, returns and other FAQs

General shop FAQs 

I've ordered, but I want to combine this with another order. Can that be done?
We will try! At busy times it can be very time-consuming for us to combine orders and it can cause mistakes, so we can never absolutely guarantee this. Please try to order everything you need in one order if possible. If you would like to request combination please do so as soon as possible when you place the second order. 

For combined shipping, please leave a note in all orders that you would like us to try to combine and complete all your orders within a week — we generally can't combine orders that are placed more than a week apart. Many thanks. 

I've ordered, but now I need to change something. Is that possible?

Please be careful to place your order accurately. If you need any changes (colour, fabric etc) please ask BEFORE you order or PUT A NOTE IN THE NOTE SPACE ON YOUR ORDER. 

Once your order is placed it goes straight into our system and at busy times we may not immediately see any emails from you asking for changes. We'll do everything we can to pick up any changes you ask for by email but we deal with dozens of emails a day and we can't guarantee to read yours and act upon it before your order has already gone into our system, been rushed off to the post office and whisked on its way. 

Can I return items to you for a refund?

Absolutely — and we will refund even if you simply change your mind. Please contact us within seven days of receiving your order, and ship it back to us within a week of us agreeing the return and refund. Please be sure to follow the instructions on your returns form  Download our Returns & Exchange Form HERE. We will not be able to refund postage, but we can refund the entire product cost as long as everything is returned complete and unused.

However, please read the information below carefully as there are some circumstances in which we can't refund. See under "Shipping" below for more details. 

Reporting any mistakes in your order.
In the unlikely event of there being any mistake in your order, please let us know as quickly as possible within SEVEN DAYS of receiving your order. We will of course be happy to put any mistakes right.

We will consider reports that are sent to us later than seven days after delivery only in exceptional situations. We can't guarantee to be able to take action on late reports.

Cancelling your order after it's been placed

Please be careful to place your order accurately. We can usually only accept cancellations within 24 hours of you placing your order, as long as we have not already shipped. However, we can't guarantee cancellations at any time (even within this time scale) if your order has already gone into our system, been rushed off to the post office and whisked on its way! We will, however, do our best. 

Due to new shipping regulations that took effect in July 2021, we have had to put in new order systems which makes cancelling orders quite a time-consuming process for us. We are therefore charging a $5 fee for all cancellations made more than 24 hours after your order is placed. Thanks for your understanding.

Changing the shipping address after your order has been placed
Please be careful to place your order accurately. Unfortunately due to changes in policy by our payment gateways, we now can't usually change the shipping address once your order has been placed. We can however cancel and refund your order so that you can place the order again with the correct address details. If you need us to do that, please get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange this for you.

Please note that if you change your mailing address on your account it will NOT automatically change the address on past orders (this makes sense when you think about it). So changing your address on the system will not alert us to send any orders or pre-orders in progress to the new address. If you email us with the new address we will do our best, but can't guarantee to change anything already in the system. For pre-orders, if you know you are going to move address, it is often best to pre-order later, under the new address.  

I’d like a fabric/print combination that isn’t on the shop. Is that possible?
Sometimes it is; although we can’t fulfill all custom requests we do try. For example, each new print can take some hours to “set up” for fabric printing, so to do just one would be disproportionately expensive. But please let us know what you’d like and we’ll see what can be done. 

I'd like a completely different type of bag. Will you make me a "one off"?

Unfortunately it's not feasible to develop a whole new bag pattern for one order. But do please get in touch and we can tell you what's in the pipeline — we often have lots of new styles and prints planned. 

"Open" orders — orders that are placed but not paid for.

We cancel most unpaid orders (including pre-orders for upcoming items) after three days. Often we will send you an email before we cancel your order, but at busy times this may not be possible.

If for any reason you need to place your order but can't pay immediately, please contact us about this, otherwise we will cancel. Thanks for your understanding. 

What are your "limited editions". How limited are they?

Our limited edition tarot decks are guaranteed limited editions. We will clearly tell you the print run and we promise not to reprint that edition — ever. If ever you see what appears to be a reprint of one of our limited edition decks please tell us — it is likely to be a fake and we will take action. We strongly believe that limited editions should truly be limited and will always defend that on behalf of our customers. 

Our limited edition bags all have an authentication ribbon and come in different types. We will try to be clear on the listing about what makes each bag limited:

The fabric is limited in supply — this is usually because it's a vintage or antique fabric. We may do anything between 6 and 50 bags in any one fabric, depending on how much we have.
The print itself is only going to be done in a limited run — this usually means a run of 50-80 of an image which we will NOT again make available on the same style of bag. 

I need to match a colour exactly. Is that possible?

Our bags and other products are very colourful. We take the most accurate photographs that we can, but please remember that colours will inevitably vary on different monitors. Also, the exact shades of a bag can look different according to the situation in which we photograph it, especially as many of our silks are "two tone" and change in colour as they are moved. If exact colour matching is vital for you, please contact us before you purchase and we will try to help. We can of course refund if you are simply not happy with the colour when you receive your bag, but please note that we do not regard slight colour differences as a fault so refunds will be treated as a normal "change of heart" refund (see above). 

I have some missing cards in my deck. Can you replace them?
We are always happy to help with missing cards. However, in general we will not have replacement cards if your deck is more than 5 years old, and even for these more recent decks we can't guarantee replacements, although we will be happy to check if we have the cards you need. 

Do you wholesale?

Yes, nowadays we sell to retailers all over the world. Please see further details HERE

I have a query about shipping.

Please look at our shipping information below. It's pretty comprehensive so hopefully it will answer your questions. 

I've noticed something else or I need some help that isn't mentioned here.

If your query is about details of your own account or something else private, please email us direct. Please remember that we are small and sometimes have a lot of email, so there may be a short delay before we get back to you.  

General questions about tarot? 
On of the best places on the web to read about the cards and discuss everything from decks to readings is by using the many forums on Facebook or generally on the web.
Shipping information 
We pack very carefully, and ship from Ireland about twice a week, and more often in the Christmas/New Year holiday season. 

Most parcels, except for very small ones, are sent by registered airmail, as we find this much more cost-effective for customers than other services. We only use courier services, such as DHL, if the customer requests it and is willing to pay the additional costs as we find that these services are significantly more expensive in most cases. For the same reason, we don't usually ask you to pay for insurance for parcels, we find that sending them registered is usually enough to ensure their safe arrival. 

From the time we send, parcels generally take a week to ten days to most European addresses (though for some reason certain countries can be slower than this), between one and four weeks to the USA (fortunately four weeks is rare! But it can happen if customs stop the parcel) and three to four weeks to Australasia. 

We are now offering as much online tracking as possible. To some countries the tracking number will follow the parcel all the way to your door, but to others there may not be so much information available. We hope that tracking will get better as international postal services coordinate this better. 

We'll always do everything we can to make sure that you get your order in good time. If there are any questions, concerns or problems please let us know. We love our work and want you to love it too, so we’ll do our utmost to make sure that you’re happy with your purchase. 

Shipping FAQs 

Do you charge handling? 
No, we just charge the actual shipping cost, nothing for either handling or for the cost of the good quality packaging materials that we use (although remember that our packaging adds a little weight that has to be factored in.)  

Do you have a list of all shipping costs? 

We now offer flat rate shipping. When you go to checkout, you'll see the current rate. For orders above $150, shipping is free.

Will I be charged customs duties by my local customs authorities? 
You may be charged customs - this is up to your local customs authority. All customs duties go to your local customs and so we can't predict them or do anything about them. So any customs charges are up to you to settle as requested by your own customs authority.

What do I do if I just change my mind about the order? 
No problem! If it hasn't been shipped, we will just cancel and make a full refund minus 5 Euros cancellation fee. If it's already on its way, please just return it to us complete and in good condition and unopened. When we receive it, we will refund the item’s cost fully excluding shipping and a 5 Euro re-stocking cost (this is just to help cover our time).

The only exception to this is custom-made bags. For these, please agree returns in advance by email. We will probably have to retain part of our fee if the item is not easily resaleable. 

Can I return items to you for a refund?

Absolutely — and we will refund even if you simply change your mind. Download our Returns & Exchange Form HERE, which contains full instructions. Please read the guarantees below carefully as there are some circumstances in which we can't refund. 

Satisfaction Guarantee.
 If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can contact us within 14 days of the date you received it to arrange a return and refund or an exchange — whichever you prefer. Please don't return anything without agreeing this with us first.

Please send it "signed for" together with your receipt. Providing it is still unused and in perfect condition we can refund you for the full purchase price when it arrives back with us. This excludes used products unless they are found to be faulty. If you would prefer an exchange we will do this free of charge — we will only ask you to pay the postage costs. 

Product Quality Guarantee. 
If there is any fault with anything you buy from us, please let us know as soon as possible. We are happy to offer a "like for like" replacement or, if you prefer, refund your money. Faulty products can be exchanged for an alternative, different product only by prior agreement. This guarantee does not apply to all items made to some unusual custom orders in special fabrics, although if we think a custom order is resellable, we will accept it for refund. It also does not apply to all of our reduced price sale goods as some of these are reduced because they are faulty or differ from our normal full-priced products. If in doubt about this, please do contact us before purchasing a reduced price sale item.

Please note that we cannot refund under any circumstances, in full or in part, if the item is not returned to us. 

Help! I just remembered I wanted to order some more items. Can you combine the orders and recalculate shipping?
We will try our best. Sometimes the first order may already have shipped. However, where possible we will try to combine any orders placed within three days of one another if you inform us that you’d prefer this. We usually don’t automatically combine orders unless you ask (we don’t always spot that two orders are going to the same address!)  

There is a card missing or damaged in my deck.
Unfortunately this can happen, although we do try to employ the most careful packers we can find. If there are any defects with your cards just email us and let us know. We will send replacements free of charge.  

What happens if my parcel does not arrive? Please explain your guaranteed order arrival policy.
If your parcel has not arrived within two weeks of it being shipped to an address in Europe or within three weeks outside Europe, please let us know. Please note that to some countries, parcels can take 4-5 weeks or more (parcels to China and Russia, for example, both tend to take a long time). First we will ask you to double check that there is no notification from your local post office. With “signed for” parcels if no-one is available to sign the post office will leave a note. Please check for this.

When we confirm that your parcel is missing, we will then file a report at the post office. When they have checked and agreed that the parcel has been lost (this can take a while as they have to communicate with the postal services in the destination country) we will resend free of charge. We have a policy to make sure that you will always get your order even if the post office has lost it. Fortunately loss in the postal system is rare! 

If my parcel is returned to you, can you resend it?
Sometimes parcels are returned to us because the post office could not get a signature on delivery. It's your responsibility to make sure that you give us an address where someone can sign for the parcel when it arrives, or to pick the it up at your post office when they leave a message about delivery (when a postman/woman cannot get a signature they will leave a printed form advising on alternative arrangements to get the parcel). If the address is wrong, or if for any other reason the parcel cannot be delivered we are not responsible for this. Please do make sure you give a valid address. If the parcel is returned to us through no fault of our own, we can resend, but we will have to recharge for posting a second time.

If it's our fault then of course we will send again free of charge. However hard we try, mistakes can very occasionally happen, so if we've messed up we will always resend with no ifs and buts! 

If there are any questions not dealt with here, and that you feel should be here, please let us know, we'll try to add them.