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Czech-made silver fringing

$2.45 USD $5.50 USD

Short description

New to the sale! Gorgeously intricate silver fringing that we used to buy direct from a maker in Czech Republic. It's now time to sell it on our overstocks of this. 

As it's now impossible to get, this is unrepeatable, so once it's gone, there won't be any more. Great value as we are selling it on at the wholesale price. AND, if you order 20 metres we will send you an entire 25 metre roll - while stocks last.

Please order as many metres as you need. If you order 5, for example, this will mean 5 metres.

More details
  • High quality silver metallic fringing.
  • Probably polyester with metallic (we are not sure!)
  • Good size - about 5cm width (just under 2 inches).
  • Made in Czech Republic.
  • Available by the metre - each roll has 25 metres -  if you order 20 metres we will send the entire roll.


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