Videos from Baba Studio and BabaBarock.

Do please enjoy our videos. You can also visit our YouTube channel HERE.

The new Bohemian Cats projects are beginning! This gives a glimpse into how we make the costumes.

In Search of Fae Folk. An Irish fairytale shoot inspired by The Salmon of Knowledge, Brigid, The Children of Lir and the Banshee.

 "Alice moving under skies". An Alice in Wonderland photoshoot to celebrate The Alice Tarot.

 "The White Cat", a Bohemian Cats fairytale photoshoot for Faerie Magazine. We filmed in Bouzov Castle, in Czech Republic. It's an early 14th century castle (hrad) that was restored in a neo-Gothic in the late 19th century. Take a look - it's an amazing place!

A tarot reading in Prague with The Bohemian Gothic Tarot. Music "Secret Message" by Rasputina. Set in the old Mala Strana district of Prague, known for its association with alchemy and magic.

Baroque Bizarre. Baba Studio fashion photoshoot in Martinický Palace, Prague. Behind the scenes.

All That We See or Seem, is But a Dream Within a Dream. A photoshoot based on the Edgar Allen Poe poem. It shows our Victorian Romantic Tarot cards being laid as a trail for two young lovers.