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The Alice Tarot — Standard deck, second edition pre-order

$115.00 USD

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This is a pre-order with shipping in March/April. We will ship everything in your order at the same time (so if you order bags/books etc they will all be shipped in March/April. We will be able to combine later orders and ship everything in March/April if you would like to do this to save shipping.

If you would like to have anything shipped earlier, please put it in a separate order. Thanks.

The Alice Tarot
 second edition will be printed in a small run of  about 1500 only (numbers may be adjusted up or down a little according to pre-orders, but will be around 1500) and will be available from us and a very few specialist retailers. It will not be produced as a mass-market deck (either now or in the future) and it will not be available via mass-market sellers such as Amazon and chain bookstores.

For tarot bags please follow THIS LINK and use the code: Alice20off to get 20% off Alice-themed tarot bags.

Please note that the packaging and book may be different from the design shown - we are hoping to have a metallic stamped box this time and we plan a book with coloured card images! Some cards may also be very slightly changed, though this won't be substantial. We may also change the design of the card backs - we are currently considering this.

As printing won't happen until this winter, we can't show these design changes, so if in doubt, please wait until the deck is published before ordering. The pre-order discount is for those who are happy to trust us on these changes in exchange for a generous discount. Thanks!

The deck has a Facebook page and also a very lively Facebook discussion group:. 

Alice Tarot users' Facebook discussion group
Alice Tarot Facebook page

More details
  • 78 fully illustrated cards, 128 * 78 mm (about 5 * 3 inches) plus an "extra" card, The Lovers (so there are two alternative Lovers cards in each deck), and a title card (80 cards in all). 
  • "Metallic ink overlay" - in fact, this is actually put under the varnish, so it does not wear off. It's also technically a plastic so does not cause any metal sensitivities when handled (we have been asked this so hope this clarifies).
  • A few minor adjustments from the original deck - we are not planning any major changes.
  • Printed in Europe on high quality 300 gram playing card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing.
  • Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling.
  • Sturdy hinged box for long-term storage.
  • Booklet with meanings and guide for use.

We also have optional items listed separately. These include:

  • Extensive and highly-illustrated companion book - now with coloured card illustrations! 
  • Limited edition Alice Tarot bags — with prints from the cards, special vintage and/or new high-quality natural fabrics and with special "Alice" brass charms. For 20% off these bags at pre-order, please use code: 


  • Other special bags and pillow/cushion covers will be available in the winter — these will include new designs not offered before.


The standard sized deck was originally printed and published in a short run of 2,500. The second printing and any subsequent runs (if a third run ever happens) will also be done in small numbers and there will be some changes in each run. We will NOT sell the rights to this deck to a mass production publisher (we've already turned down offers and will continue to do so) and we will not bring out the deck in a mass market version ourselves.

We may license the deck in a short run only, for one or two foreign language editions. Again, if it happens, this will be to small, specialist publishers, not to mass-market publishers.

We do not want The Alice Tarot to be a mass-market deck at any time in its life and so it will not be printed (now or ever) in mass-market numbers or distributed in mass-market channels such as large online and offline book stores.



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