The Victorian Romantic Tarot fourth edition, standard deck. 2024 reprint.

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This is a reprint of the fourth edition of The Victorian Romantic Tarot standard deck.

It varies very slightly from the last printing. Mainly, the backs are a different colour (see the picture here for an idea of it) and the cold stamping is more intense on both backs and card fronts.

There are also no less than FOUR extra cards, plus the title card - see below for more details.


The Victorian Romantic Tarot has, since its original publication become one of the most well-loved and used tarot decks, establishing a reputation for its readability and depth.

The updated companion book for the fourth edition of the deck is also currently available and can be ordered HERE

Victorian Romantic Tarot velvet drawstrings are available at discount when you order a deck, and can be ordered HERE. Please note only one discount can be applied per order so if you are buying a bag at discount it may not  be possible to apply a rewards point coupon as well.

More details
  • Fully illustrated with 78 cards (plus title card and FOUR extra cards) that follow the popular Rider Waite Smith tarot structure, so they are easy to read "out of the box". 
  • Two Lovers, two Devils, two Emperors and - never offered before - two Queen of Pentacles.
  • Cards are 128 * 78 mm (about 5 * 3 inches).
  • Printed on 330 gram German-made playing-card stock with an inner core to protect against bending and folding.
  • Gorgeous, carefully designed cold-stamping metallic overlays (these are actually not metals and are printed on the card UNDER the other inks and varnish). This effect gives the impression of metallics in various colours so is spectacular. This time around we are using a new technique which allows for more intense cold-stamping. 
  • Printed in Europe and cut by a traditional die-cut method. This can look less "perfect" at the edges than factory methods but also feels more artisan.
  • Comes in a wooden box with a hinged lid. It's made for us in Czech Republic by a specialist workshop. Please note that because in Europe there are now no supplies of birch from Russia, the alternative birch wood used in this box may show some grain and knots - we actually rather like that as it shows it came from a tree!
  • Optional unique, matching tarot bags.
  • The detailed and engaging colour companion book (approx 220 pages) discusses each card in depth, and also includes keywords, spreads and information about how to read tarot. Available separately from the deck.