Great designer needed

We are looking for a unique and remarkable designer for a unique and remarkable job.

You will need to have design qualifications and professional experience. We are open to different specialisms but it's likely you will have graduated as a graphic designer or illustrator.

You will adore decoration and "wild" design - a lover of texture, print and fabrics, you aren't a modernist and don't want to work in advertising - you're a bit too much of a individualist for that. You love craft, and have always made things by hand, even when it hasn't been part of your job. The history of design excites you - you like to re-imagine it for now in new and visually gorgeous ways.

You love experimenting, but you do know how to complete a project, and work to a deadline.

What we're looking for

Our work isn't straightforward illustration or graphic design. We work in all these fields:

  • Costume design
  • Photography
  • Doll and figure making
  • Textile design (and a tiny bit of fashion design)
  • Writing - mostly companion books for the tarot decks, but we have also ventured into graphic novels
  • Jewellery design (we would love to develop this further)
  • and of course, graphic design and illustration is a large part of the work.

You must be able to work in Ireland (we are in the EU, so any EU citizen will qualify) and you must be willing to move to the Killarney area.

We are impossible to put into just one category - and we like it that way

- Karen and Alex

BabaBarock - how we see ourselves and our work

We are a small team and we believe that the team will always be more than the sum of its parts. We aim to give everyone creative work where possible - and we all also take on the more day-to-day types of work (processing and packing orders, communicating with our lovely customers and so on) when needed. It works!

We like diversity and we're surprisingly diverse for such a small team. Between us, we speak English, Irish, French, German, Russian, Czech and a smattering of Spanish and Turkish!

We welcome the influence of other cultures and new (to us!) ways of looking at the design work.

How to apply

To begin the conversation please send your CV and a short covering letter telling us why you want to work at BabaBarock. Please also include something about the types of art and design you like, and which has influenced you. We're looking for an interest in historical as well as recent work. We love people with a wide range of interests in visual style.

Please send it to us at

We always reply to applications as quickly as we can.