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Three La Lune embroideries. Samples - slight seconds.

$68.00 USD $132.00 USD
Because of postage costs, we are now bundling our sample embroideries (we really can't send just one as the shipping costs more than the item!)

We've made a great reduction to allow for this
. See picture for the three embroideries you will receive.
  • Slight seconds, but still very usable, or would be great framed. The embroidery is quite thick so the piece is fairly stuff - great for a bag or a heavier garment.
Each La Lune embroidery is about 6.5 inches by 3.25 inches (approx 16 cm by 8 cm). As you can see, one of them also has a black velvet border around it.

More details
  • Designed by us based on our own, antique copy of The Wirth Tarot.
  • Individually made in our studio in Ireland.
  • Large size embroideries.
  • Sewn with high quality German embroidery threads
  • Metallic threads are pure metallic (not the cheaper metallic wrapped around a plain core).




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