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Piedmont Tarot, circa 1926, Torino, Alessandro Viassone

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Piedmont Tarot, circa 1926, Torino, Alessandro Viassone, 78 of 78 cards, letter press and stencil colored, ace of denari contains space for tax stamp which is omitted as pack was exported, "CARTE P....L'ESTER....," and reads, "ALESSANDRO VIASSONE, TORINO, CORSO RE UMBERTO 100-102, VIA CABOTTO 1." Major Arcana and courts are double ended, Italian card titles, Arabic numerals on Major Arcana plus suit of coppe and inside each coin in the suit of denari, Roman numerals on suits of spade and bastoni, two indices, round corners. Includes tuck box with text, "FABBRICA CARTE da GIUOCO di Grande Resistenza, TAROCCHI da 78-N. 51, A. VIASSONE TORINO (18), Corso Re Umberto 100-102, (Stabile proprio), (Casa fondata nel 1830), Le nostre carte da giuoco, fabbricate con speciale sistema, unico in Italia, non si sfogliano e sono garantite per scorrevolezza, solidita e grandissima durata. Esportazione mondiale, Massime onorificenze," plus U S I R tax stamp, 10 cents (valid July 2, 1924-1929). Backs are overall geometric diamond pattern of adorned crosses in black. Size 4 3/16 in. (10.7 cm.) high, 2 3/8 in. (6.2 cm.) wide. Cards in generally fine condition, tuck box flattened with losses. 


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