FIRST OF TWO LAYAWAY PAYMENTS. The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot - Large format, limited edition with cold-stamping. PRE-ORDER. | Tarot cards and tarot pouches. Printed decorative bags, cushions, scarves

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FIRST OF TWO LAYAWAY PAYMENTS. The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot - Large format, limited edition with cold-stamping. PRE-ORDER.

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FIRST LAYAWAY PAYMENT. This is the first of TWO staged payments. Please note that shipping of these decks will begin in September 2020.

Please note also that the total pre-order price, if you pay with a layaway, is slightly more expensive than paying the full pre-order in one payment, and we charge a little more for shipping and handling, to allow for the greater admin time required. Our low, flat-rate shipping is therefore charged on both layaway payments. 

If you place a FIRST layaway payment, please pay the SECOND payment within two months. Unfortunately we may need to cancel and refund your pre-order layaway if we have to send two or more reminders about the second payment. Please make your second payment within two months at this link.

This is a pre-order for the LARGE format, limited edition version of The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot. We base our images on our collection of orginal, antique books illustrated by Grandville, so the sharpness and quality of the images is very high. Everything is made in Europe as we don't send any files to countries that have a record of counterfeiting. This helps to protect your deck from being copied.

We expect shipping to start in September 2020. All items ordered with a pre-order will be sent at the same time when the deck is available. If you would like to have any items sent earlier, please place them in a separate order.

The deck is a reprint (with some small alterations, and, most importantly, cold-stamping) of our original Fantastic Menagerie Tarot, which has become a hugely sought-after classic deck.

We won't be repeating this version, which is one of our guaranteed limited editions. It comes in one of the  beautiful wooden boxes that you tell us you love (carefully made in Czech Republic) and the foldover pouch that comes with the deck is specially embroidered by us, in our studio

Please note that as the deck is in progress the pictures here are mock-ups, though they do give the most accurate impression of the deck that we can manage at this point. The final look may change. If you would like to know exactly how the deck and packaging will look, please wait until we are nearer to September.

There will be cold-stamping (a metallic effect). We have test-printed two of the cards, so that you can see the effect. We will add more images as soon as possible.

  • 475 copies only will be for sale (we will run 500 copies but keep 25 for ourselves). This is a signed and numbered Limited Edition
  • 78 very large format fully illustrated cards, 165 * 100 mm (about 6.5 * 4 inches) plus a title card (79 cards in all).
  • All decks will be signed and numbered.
  • All 78 cards have scenes, and the deck follows a Rider Waite Smith (RWS) structure.
  • Cold-stamped. This is an under-laid ink but gives the impression of a metallic overlay. It is NOT actually metal though, so there are no metal-allergy issues.
  • Printed in Europe under our careful supervision.
  • Printed on 330 gram playing-card stock - this is a German stock with a carbon core for strength.
  • Varnished with semi-matte varnish so that the varnish is not too shiny.
  • A detailed booklet is included. This will have less information than the companion book that we plan, but is comprehensive enough to allow you to knowledgeably use the deck.
  • Supplied in a sturdy, coloured solid wooden hinged box specially designed for the deck and made in Czech Republic.
  • Supplied with a beautiful hand-made and embroidered foldover pouch in gilded linen (a gorgeous fabric made in Czech Republic). The embroidery is done by us in our studio and is of very high quality and based on our own designs. The bag is sewn by our wonderful seamstresses, Romana, in Czech Republic and Corinne in Ireland.

We also have optional items listed separately. These include:

  • Extensive and highly-illustrated companion book with coloured card illustrations!
  • Limited edition Fantastic Menagerie bags  with prints from the cards and with high-quality silk velvet. For 20% discount on a bag when bought with the deck, please enter this code at checkout:


Please note again that this is a pre-order - we expect the deck to begin shipping in September 2020.


FAQs on coupons and pre-orders.

I'd like to pay in one payment - how do I do that?
Yes, please see separate listing for a single payment HERE. It is slightly less expensive to pay in one payment, as it involves less admin for us.

Can I use more than one discount code at once?

You can only apply one discount code at a time— it's the way the shop is set up and there is no way we can over-ride that. 

Please work out which discount is best for you (you can always save your reward points for another order or a free treat.)

Is there a companion book?
Yes. There is a full companion book available separately. We sell the books separately as we find that some people (for example, non English speakers) would rather buy without a book.

What other Fantastic Menagerie items will be available?
We also have a standard-sized deck available separately and a selection of printed drawstring bags. These are on special offer when you buy them with the deck.

What's the difference between "short run" and Limited Edition?
With our Limited Editions we guarantee never to reprint that edition. So once the decks are gone, no more will ever be printed. It's that simple. We have never reprinted a Limited Edition deck, and never will.

With a "small-run" open edition deck, we aren't printing nearly as many as a mass-market deck but we reserve the right to reprint in the future. It doesn't mean we definitely will reprint, but we might, and so an open edition is NOT guaranteed to be limited.


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