Embroidered drawstring bag in teal vintage kimono and silk velvet. Second version. | Tarot cards and tarot pouches. Printed decorative bags, cushions, scarves

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Embroidered drawstring bag in teal vintage kimono and silk velvet. Second version.

$33.00 USD

This exquisite drawstring bag features pomegranates and flying insects, all embroidered in the most lavish gold and silver metallic threads. The current version is in a lovely, lightly-textured vintage kimono silk with silk velvet back. The top of this version is also silk velvet.

We designed the final embroidery ourselves, based on a Renaissance embroidery of pomegranates combined with antique Chinese embroideries of insects!

In many countries around the world, the pomegranate is seen as a symbol of abundance, fertility and good luck.

This is a limited edition bag hand-sewn in Czech Republic.

More details
  • Embroidered by us in our studio in Ireland - we use the best German threads and lots of metallics.
  • Light padding for a little extra protection.
  • Side "Baba Studio limited edition" tag in gold and red for a touch of added cachet.
  • Fully lined in a toning silk-mix fabric for a little extra touch of luxury.
  • Chunky Czech glass bead finials on the double-drawstring cords.
  • Metallic decorative stitching on the bag top.
  • At approx 5.5 inches by 8.25 inches (14 cm * 21 cm) these are a really useful size — and if you want to store tarot in them they are large enough to use even for most over-sized cards.
  • The bag can be used for your tarot, oracle or playing cards, as a jewellery holder, a cosmetics and "odd and ends" bag, or simply hung up for display. It also makes a stunning present when filled with your choice of small gifts.


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