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The Alice Tarot

Down the rabbit hole with all things Wonderland

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The Tarot of Prague

The deck of The Magic City

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The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

A deck of dark shadows

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Magical, decorative, symbolic design - with a touch of the bizarre!

NEW! Wish Upon a Spellcraft Charm

Invokation, Intention, Insight -embroidered Charms to use and love

Gather small items of significance:

  • A photo or drawing.
  • A written hope or wish.
  • A small gemstone or pebble.
  • Herbs or spices.
  • Dried petals or leaves.  
  • A piece of jewellery.  
  • A lock of hair - or fur!  
  • A fragment of cloth.  

Make your wish: 

  • Add items to the pocket of your Charm. 
  • Write your wish on a paper scrap. Add it. 
  • Go slowly, be intentional, enjoy.  
  • Invoke your wish - say it three times.  
  • Hang your Charm where you'll see it.  
  • Make your wish come true.
  • Designed in our studio in Killarney, Ireland
  • Handmade by our small team in Ireland  and Czechia
  • Made with imagination and a love of history and symbolism  
  • Great flat-rate shipping - and FREE for larger orders
  • Carefully packed and shipped worldwide
  • Available from our three shops - World, Europe (EU) and UK.

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