Ireland through Bohemian Eyes. An illustration project.

In the summer of 2016, Baba Studio moved - lock, stock, barrel and three cats - from Prague to Ireland.

For Alex, it was a move to a new country. For Karen, it was coming home. But both realised very quickly that they were seeing Ireland through the eyes of people who had lived in Prague (the heart of what used to be known as Bohemia) for many years.

"I had grown so used to decoration and lavishness and symbolism and sheer artistic over-the-topness," laughs Karen, "that the Irish cliche of brownish tweeds and knitwear just seemed a bit dull visually. We wanted to bring something of our Prague experience to our work in Ireland."

So Ireland Through Bohemian Eyes was born. The illustrative work will be loosely based on Irish legends and literature, but very much through the lens of the Baba Studio experience. It's about an impression of Ireland, almost a dream of Ireland, from two artists who have a deep love for the alchemical, ceremonial magic of Prague and also for the very different earth-based magic of Ireland.

Here be Banshees, Leprechauns and the Tuath(a) Dé Danann - but not as you've seen them before.

Ireland Through Bohemian Eyes is likely to be a five-year project and will result in a book of illustrations and a tarot deck. As the work progresses, fine-art prints and textiles will also be produced.

You can follow progress on Baba Studio's Facebook and Instagram.

Update 2019! This project is currently on hold as it turned out to be even more time-consuming than we expected. We hope to get back to it eventually. Fate and fortune allowing!

A Celtic Irish Fairytale