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Le Soleil - silk velvet embroidery. Slight Second.

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Short description

Our Le Soleil embroidery is on an orange silk velvet. We've designed the embroidery and we stitch it here ourselves so it's really sumptuous with lots of metallics and with the "Le Soleil" title in gold metallic. This is a very slight second with TWO embroideries.

Please note - the "compare at" price is for a wristlet - this isn't a wristlet, just a piece of embroidery.

The colour is a rich and rather amazing orange that almost shimmers when it catches the light.

Use for a project!

More details
  • Embroidered by us in our studio in Ireland - we use the best threads and "real silver" metallics (tricky to work with but they do give the best results).
  • Whole piece is about 22.5 * 62 cm (approx 8.5 * 25 inches).




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