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Memento Mori Single Skeleton - silk velvet embroidered sample

$10.00 USD $38.00 USD
Short description

A sample of our Memento Mori skeleton embroidery on a fabulously soft and shimmering silk velvet. We've designed the embroidery, which is based on the Etteilla Tarot "Death" card. We stitch it here ourselves so it's really sumptuous.

These samples are often unlike our final wristlets so they are real one-offs. Make this one into something gothic and gorgeous!

Please note that comparison price is for one wristlet. This piece has NOT been made into a wristlet and is just an embroidery on a generous amount of silk velvet. 

More details
  • Embroidery is approx 7 * 16 cm (2.5 inches * 6 inches)
  • Embroidered by us in our studio in Ireland - we use the best threads and "real silver" metallics (tricky to work with but they do give the best results).




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