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Paris souvenir solid silver antique coin purse in the shape of a shell. In great, usable condition.

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An exquisite little French souvenir purse that I think dates from the 1889 Paris Expo. It's solid silver, though not hallmarked (many items at that time weren't). I'm not sure if it is 800 "coin" silver or sterling silver. It's good weight for its size, and of very good quality.

A sweet, characterful piece in very good condition. There are a couple of small dings but fortunately they are on the back and don't detract. The hinges and catch still work perfectly - I doubt that this has been used much.

About three inches ( a little under 8cm) across the front at its widest point.

A brilliant purse to add to a collection.

An identical purse sold recently on ebay for $299, so ours is a bargain!



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