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Vintage "Hera" Liberty print with pure silk lining - foldover pouch

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We were delighted to find this vintage piece of Liberty "Hera" print - one of their classic patterns. We think it's a soft cotton or cotton blend. It's hard to date it as Liberty's have been doing this Hera fabric for more than a hundred years. We would guess it's maybe 1970s. A current version of this fabric sells on Liberty's for $240 a metre (yikes!)

As this fabric is cut from an unrepeatable vintage piece, this bag is only available in limited numbers.

Please note that these bags are all quite similar to one another, but not identical as they may be cut from a slightly different part of the fabric - some have more feather on the front, others have more on the back. Yours will probably not be identical to one of those in the photos but will be similar - and unique!

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More details
  • Good size tarot bag to fit most tarot decks (and/or reading glasses, jewellery etc!) 6.8  * 4.6 inches  (17 * 12 cm).
  • Fully lined in a pure silk in rich blue - this is a very high quality silk by an English interior design company.
  • Enhanced with Bababarock Limited Edition label.

Hera Feather is one of Liberty's most famous fabrics. It was designed by Arthur Silver in this Silver Studio, which was based in West London from around 1880 onwards. Hera was designed in 1887 and features stylised peacock feathers. The design was named after the Greek Goddess Hera as one of her symbols was a peacock.

We are delighted to be able to make some tarot bags and pouches with this wonderful, historical fabric.




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