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Silvers and Blues - Japanese vintage silk foldover tarot pouch

$35.80 USD

Please note that each of these bags is cut from a different part of the obi belt, making each one unique. In this case, they are significantly different so we thought it best to show the fronts and backs of each bag - please see the 4th and 5th images on this listing.

Pouches A - E are available on this shop so please select the one you would like from the drop-down list.

If you would like one of the variations not listed here, please contact us and if it is still available on one of our other stores, we will move it over for you.

This foldover tarot pouch is made from beautifully-textured pure silk from a Japanese obi belt. Using lots of metallic threads, it features a range of blue and silver shades with gorgeous flowers.

We've combined it with a pure dupion silk lining from a vintage obi in a rich silver. Please note that the dupion silk is naturally slubby and the slubs are part of its character. 

As these obi belts are not large, this bag will be made in very limited numbers.

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More details
  • Good size to fit most tarot decks (and/or reading glasses or other items.) 6.8 * 4.6 inches  (17 * 12 cm).
  • Hand-sewn here in our Irish studio.
  • Fully lined in a pure dupion silk in slate blue.
  • Enhanced with Bababarock Limited Edition label.


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