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Black and Gold with colours - foldover pouch in vintage Japanese silk

$35.80 USD
Short description

This bag is made from a vintage silk kimono with wonderful gold inks. This was originally one of the older-style silk kimonos It's a striking bag that we think would be particularly good with Gothic decks or jewellery. We've combined it with a high quality, pure silk lining in gold - really gorgeous.

This version of the bag has embroidery in colours - the bags vary a great deal so please choose the exact one you would like.

As this is vintage fabric that we can't source again, this bag will be made in limited numbers.

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More details
  • Good size to fit most tarot decks (and/or reading glasses!) 6.8 * 4.6 inches  (17 * 12 cm).
  • Fully lined in a textured soft red kimono silk - a very high quality silk that adds a little colour surprise to the bag.
  • Enhanced with Bababarock Limited Edition label.




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