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Great old Czech devil puppet - in high heels!

$90.00 USD
Rare antique puppet/Marionette that we found in Prague. 

Beautifully painted head and unusual, as he's wearing high heels! He also has no tail, so this indicates that he is the rather aristocratic demon, Mephistopheles, rather than Krampus. He has a wooden body and plaster and paint head, hands and legs. Hard to judge his age, we'd judge mid-20th century or earlier.

Unique and fun, this is a good-sized puppet at 29 cm high (about 12 inches).

Please note that this is a genuine antique piece and the painted parts and fabrics show their age, though they are in excellent condition.

We will unattach the wire for sending, it's very easy to reattach as it just hooks on to the main body.

We will pack very carefully and we would recommend insurance so the shipping shown is approximate. Please contact us for an insured shipping quote to your country if you need it.


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