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Huge, turquoise and gold earrings. Gorgeous quality.

$380.00 USD

Short description

A gorgeous pair of antique/vintage earrings in lovely condition. They have really huge pieces of natural, beautifully veined turquoise on high-quality 9 carat gold fittings.

We bought these for a photoshoot so it's now time for them to move on to a new home where they will be worn.

Condition: Excellent antique/vintage condition. These are extremely wearable. There is one very small flat chip beside the gold finial on the smaller earring, but it isn't at all noticeable. It's hard to show in a photo but we can try to take one if you'd like to see.

More details
  • Particularly lovely gold chains with a lot of textured detail. Possibly this chain is hand-made.
  • Beautiful, large chunks of turquoise (NOT composite!) - and a lovely, rich blue. They weigh about 10 grams in total.
  • Originally bought from "Fellows" auction house in London - known for selling wonderful antique jewellery.
  • We think these are most likely 1950s or 1960s period.
  • Large sized - one amber chunk is larger than the other - one earring is about 2.25 inches from top to bottom, the other is nearer to 2.5 inches.


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