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Antique pendant in the shape of a fly, with diamond, ruby, emerald stones.

$1,155.00 USD

Short description

Fantastic pendant in very good condition. It is silver, and features diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire stones. A real beauty.

Condition: Excellent antique condition. This is very wearable indeed.

More details
  • About 1 inch wide (2.5 cm). Please see final picture.
  • Sourced from an English estate sale.
  • Includes the original chain - about 18 inches, 46 cm, NOT including the insect itself.
  • Old mine cut stones.
  • Silver body.
  • 19th century period.
  • Please note that box is not included.


    Insect jewellery became hugely fashionable during the Victorian era. 

    “[t]he ornithological and entomological fevers, which broke out last spring, will continue with increased violence throughout the winter.” 
    Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, 1863.

    Flys, beetles and bees all featured, many of which incorporated gold, silver and precious and semi-precious stones. As the fashion for insect jewellery has re-emerged, these pieces are becoming very sought after. 


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