The Alice Tarot. SECOND lay-away payment for standard deck pre-order

This is a SECOND payment for a pre-order lay-away of The Alice Tarot. The deck will be published in summer 2014 (we expect August).

Please only purchase this if you made a first lay-away order and payment before 13th March. If you missed the first lay-away opportunity, there is now a normal pre-order available. Thanks!

The deck will be done in a small run of 2500 only and will be available from us and a few specialist retailers. It will not be produced as a mass-market deck (either now or in the future) and it will not be available via mass-market sellers such as Amazon and chain bookstores.

How the lay-away works:

  • There will be three lay-away payments in total, the first one is now closed, but the second and third will be open for some weeks, so there will be plenty of time to make payments.

  • The total price for the pre-order will be 68 Euros (three payments of 24 Euros, 24 Euros and 20 Euros), a large discount on the final deck price of 88 Euros.

  • During this last payment period, there is an opportunity to add other discounted items to your pre-order. These will include the limited edition large-sized deck, printed tarot bags and the companion book.

  • At the last payment, shipping costs will be added (these will be calculated by weight and will of course depend on how the cost of the entire package including books, bags etc). We ship by "signed for" airmail and we don't add handling charges.

Please see more details and FAQs below.

more details...


This is a "lay-away" SECOND payment for The Alice Tarot, standard-sized deck. The deck will ship in summer 2014. We plan to print 2500 copies only.

This lay-away payment entitles you to your standard sized Alice Tarot at a great pre-order discount.

  • 78 fully illustrated cards, 128 * 78 mm (about 5 * 3 inches) plus an "extra" card, The Lovers, and a title card (80 cards in all). 
  • Metallic ink overlay.
  • Printed on high quality playing card stock with a carbon inner layer to protect against bending and creasing.
  • Lightly varnished for durability without a plastic feeling.
  • Sturdy hinged box for long-term storage.
  • Booklet with meanings and guide for use.

Your payment will ensure that you get a copy of the deck at the pre-order price of 68 Euros, which is a large discount off the final price of 88 Euros.
In later payments you will also be able to order optional items at a good pre-order discount. These will include:

  • Extensive and highly illustrated companion book.This is 15 Euros with discount.
  • Limited edition Alice Tarot bags (with prints from the cards, special vintage and/or new high-quality natural fabrics and special "Alice" brass charms). We expect these to be about 17.50 Euros with discount.
  • Other special bags and pillow/cushion covers — these are not yet finalised but will include new prints not offered before.

The lay-away is very flexible so you can order as much or as little as you would like, when you would like.



How much will shipping be and when will I be charged it?

Shipping in the EU is free to compensate for the fact that we have to charge VAT.
Shipping charges for the deck (if you are outside the EU) will be added to the final (third) lay-away payment. There will be no shipping charge added to the first or second lay-away payments.

But I paid a lay-away and shipping was added!
That will happen only if you order other items at the same time (for instance, bags etc). In that case, we will send the other ordered items right away. 

I want to just place a pre-order without bothering with lay-away. How do I do this?
Please just buy the ordinary pre-order - it's now available.

I want to order the limited edition very large format deck. Is there a lay-away for this?
Yes. It's also now available to pre-order.

We plan to print the limited edition in a run of 500 decks only (exact number depends on on-going negotiations with our printer and will be announced asap). The Alice Tarot will never again be reprinted at this size so this is a guaranteed limited edition. All decks will be signed and numbered.
We will release more information about he limited edition very large format deck when we have them. Lay-aways and pre-orders for this deck will open once we have finalised these details.

Is the standard sized deck limited edition?
The standard sized deck is going to be printed and published in a short run of 2500, so in that sense, it is limited. However, it is not signed and numbered and we may at some time in the future do a second printing of this deck. If this happens, it will be in several years time and it will also be a small run and considerably changed to protect the uniqueness of the first edition. We will NOT sell the rights to this deck to a mass production publisher (we've already turned down offers and will continue to do so) and we will not bring out the deck in a mass market version ourselves.

We may license the deck in a short run only, for one or two foreign language editions - for example, we may license the deck in Russian and Japanese languages. Again, if it happens, this will be to small, specialist publishers, not to mass-market publishers.

We do not want The Alice Tarot to be a mass-market deck at any time in its life and so it will not be printed (now or ever) in mass-market numbers or distributed in mass-market channels such as large on and offline book stores.

What happens if I change my mind?

We hope you won't ;) But if you would like your lay-away to be refunded please let us know within 45 days of payment (this is to allow us to refund via PayPal and/or Worldpay). After this we will only be able to refund 50% of your payment.
If you make lay-away payment/s then have trouble paying the remainder, please let us know and we will try to make special arrangements for you.

Can I see a picture of the standard deck?
Not yet! We still have some final details to decide (for instance, whether there will be any gold ink overlay) and we are also designing some of the packaging.

If you would like to wait to see an accurate mock-up of the deck, please wait until May, when we will open normal pre-orders.

If you would like to see photographs of the actual deck before ordering, please wait until later in the summer, when pre-orders will close and normal orders will begin. 

I've ordered. When will my reward points be added?
As our regular customers know, we give very generous reward points (please be sure to log in to your account on our shop to make sure you get these).

Reward points are added automatically by our shop when the full order has been shipped. This means that if you order other items with your layaway, the other items will be shipped as soon as possible but the reward points will NOT be added until the deck is also shipped this summer. This is just the way the shop works and we can't over-ride it. If you would like to get reward points for your other items as soon as they have been shipped, please place a separate order for them.

What other items will be available and at what prices?

  • We will have a wide range of printed limited edition tarot bags in a great range of fabrics (we've been collecting fabrics for two years now for these bags!) They will normally be 22 Euros but will be offered at 17.50 Euros for anyone who has made a pre-order - a great discount.
  • The companion book is a full book with descriptions/keywords, background information etc of every card. It will be well illustrated. 
  • We also hope to offer some other special items but these are still in process. We will announce them as soon as they are finalised.



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The Alice Tarot. SECOND lay-away payment for standard deck pre-order